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★·.·´¯`·.·Hello everyone !!! ◕‿◕

I'm Gabriela , an architecture student, who had fallen in love with Johnnys especially Arashi ●▽●

Also I love to watch doramas (hanadan fan), anime and manga. I love japan and his culture,so don't surprise if you find some random stuff...●ω●

Hope you enjoy it ❤
Life is a test
I'm acting in it

Yaotome Hikaru x Matsumoto Jun x Their new friend

VS Arashi 2014.04.17 - Cliff Climbing

xDDD matsumoto troll


Sakurai and matsujun compliment each other!!
Sakurai: no one can look that good with all their jacket completely open. I can only manage two buttons open
Matsujun: I think two buttons are a good balance
Sakurai: in a class with all black hairs, but you look so good with brown hair
Matsujun: well, sakurai kun has black hair, but if he had brown hair he’d look the best
Teacher: a lot of love was in the air! I felt this “arashi love”

ashdjfdkfll yo sé q se aman !! -3-

o.o awww ella es tan lindaaa

o.o awww ella es tan lindaaa


Epic moment: Ohno Satoshi x The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cast

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.04.19

hahahahaha xDDDDD

awww tan tierno *-*

(Fuente: pinsir)

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When playing Shiritori…

shooo <//////3


Suppin Arashi (2000)



"feels like a sniper"

really XD [let him act in some sharp shooter drama/movie pls :P]



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God,the way aiba nodding with smile is super sweet.

asdhjdfjfllñmcdjkkl *-*